transportation & Cars Faq

transportation & Cars Faq

The Toyota Prius is the first mass-produced hybrid car in the world. It made its debut in the Japanese auto market in 1997 and was introduced to the rest of the world in 2001. The said vehicle is a gas-electric hybrid vehicle: meaning it is equipped with a small internal combustion engine and an electric motor which provides additional power to the small gasoline engine. Toyota claims that the Prius can run for 65.7 miles for a single gallon of gasoline. This claim though is being contested as unrealistic by some consumers who have already bought a Prius.


Ford Edge - If a Ford model starts with an "E" it likely is an SUV. The Edge is an SUV and it isn't an SUV. More of a crossover vehicle, the 2007 Edge will be based on the Ford Fusion which borrows its platform from the Mazda 6. Positioned between the Escape and the Explorer, the Edge is meant to be Ford's answer to other car based people movers including the Honda Pilot and the Toyota Highlander.


Automotive financial services Daewoo's products are considered less remarkable in established markets. Before rebates, a $13K Chevy Aveo in the U.S. doesn't offer enough comfort to make a strong argument over a slightly used Honda Civic. In the U.K. the only distinction across the entire rebadged Daewoo lineup is that the Chevy Lacetti is featured in Top Gear's Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.



Should GM keep Saab? the original source GM couldn't build the brand before, so what makes us think they can do it now that they are scrambling out of bankruptcy and trying to get the long-awaited Chevy Volt off the drawing boards. The Opel GT had manual steering and brakes and a four-speed manual transmission. While the speedometer went up to 150 miles per hour, zero to sixty acceleration times were in the more pedestrian 10 second range. I never went faster than 95 miles per hour in my Opel GT and that passing burst of speed prompted plenty of white smoke from the exhaust pipes. Fuel economy for my Opel GT was a solidly respectable 30 miles per gallon.


She was not just cheeky with her capturing colour and enduring efficiency, she was also reliable and carried me, and later my loved ones, for mile after mile on end. My boy still remembers Pumpkin and reminds me about her every time we drive past a yellow little vehicle.


Some 34 production cars were displayed at the show representing both 2011 and 2012 model years. In addition, 29 concept cars from 22 manufacturers were present. One of the featured stars of the show was certainly the Volkswagen 'up'. The 'up' arrived for the first time in 1997 as a concept car. Back then it was a rear wheel drive, rear engine automobile. Today's version is front wheel drive with an engine in front containing 3 cylinders in a 1.0 liter configuration that burns gasoline and is turbocharged. An electric version, which can be plugged in, has been announced for 2013.


Prior to doing any key automobile repairs, constantly have a next opinion. A auto technician may work offended, or perhaps provide you with a specific price for doing the work with him right away, but consider this like a forewarning indication. In case a repair is sincerely needed and the man is offering that you simply fair price, he will not reluctant to uphold his phrase and recognition his price.

Even though Saab has a fierce and loyal following, who would buy a what the British car magazine Car calls a quasi-premium car company that sells fewer than 100,000 vehicles a year? Car magazine says the only possible buyers at this point would be the Chinese.